Interview Questions to Ask Your Realtor Before Listing Your Home – Part 1

Interview Questions to Ask Your Realtor Before Listing Your Home – Part 1

Last week we discussed what interview questions you want to ask your Realtor before committing to working with them when buying a home. Over the next two weeks we want to share some of the most important questions you can ask when hiring a Realtor to sell your home.

1. How did you come up with the asking price? Listing at the right price is critical to maximizing your bottom line while also achieving a quicker sale. If you overprice your home you could miss out on a strong offer during a “hot” market. You also risk discouraging motivated buyers from viewing your home because it’s priced too high, or it has sat on the market for too long and buyers assume something is “wrong” with the home. If a Realtor can tell you how he or she came up with the price, then they also have valid reasons to justify strong negotiations at the time of an offer.

2. What do I need to do to get my home ready to sell? How well your home is showcased will impact its saleability. Some sellers spend too much time taking care of things that cost more time and money than they can get back out of the sale whereas other sellers can overlook key areas that need time and attention. The most affordable options always include cleaning, decluttering, painting, curb appeal, and adding modern décor items. Before renovating any high cost areas in your home, it’s wise to get a Realtor’s advice about how much return you can expect from the project. You want the work you do to be mutually beneficial for both you and the buyer.

3. Can I cancel the listing agreement? This question is hard to ask, but an important one for you to know. Listing agreements can be as long as 6+ months, while our team averages four month agreements. If a Realtor is willing to cancel your agreement, then it’s more likely he or she will work extra hard to ensure you’re a satisfied client and that your home gets sold. If a Realtor is not willing to cancel the agreement, you risk being in a position where you’re not receiving the service you expected and you’re powerless to move forward. The Realtor who works and lives with integrity will do whatever is in his or her ability to get your home sold, and if for whatever reason you’re not satisfied with their work they’ll allow you to try another agent.

4. How often will we communicate? This could be the most important question you ask a Realtor. We’ve had numerous clients share that their past Realtor put a sign on the lawn and then they hardly heard from them. The client had no idea what potential buyers thought of their home or why they hadn’t had a showing in two weeks. The sellers weren’t provided updated market reviews or buyer feedback. This renders you as the seller powerless because if you don’t know what to improve to sell your home, how will your home sell? Ongoing communication is pivotal to stay up to date with market conditions and a successful sale.

Next week we’ll share four more key questions you can ask a Realtor before listing your home. If you’re considering selling, you want to ensure you have the right Realtor working for you. Whether you’re a first time buyer, thinking about selling, or just want to talk about what options might be available for you, we’d be happy to see how we can help you achieve your real estate goals!

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