Why Working With One Agent Only Is To Your Benefit

Why Working With One Agent Only Is To Your Benefit

From time to time we get a call from another agent that goes something like this: “Hey. You know the buyers you showed homes to the other day? I was just out showing them properties yesterday as well. I didn’t realize you were already working with them…”

Thankfully most Realtors in our community lead with honesty and integrity, however it can still create an uncomfortable situation when the client wants to work with both of us. Believe it or not, it’s actually to your benefit to work with only one realtor.

I appreciate the fears that could be going through your mind. What if they don’t give me all the information? What if they only show me their listings? What if I don’t like them? These are some concerns I’d have as well if I were in your shoes.

The good news is that if the Realtor you’re working with doesn’t feel like the right choice, you can choose a different one. As a forewarning, be mindful about what you’re signing when it comes to buyer’s agreements. There are some agreements where once signed, you may not have the option to work with another Realtor until a certain time period has elapsed.

What are the benefits in working with only one agent?

1. Saves you time
When you have one agent working for you, he or she can perform all the research on your behalf, narrow down a property list to include those that best suit your needs, and then show you all of the homes, whether it’s their listing or not. When you work with multiple agents, you end up doing more research and could miss out on homes that immediately hit the market. New listings reach our MLS system before they reach the public’s MLS system, so having a loyal relationship with one Realtor can give you up to date information as your Realtor receives it.

2. Better understanding
As you look at homes with one Realtor, you can give him or her feedback on what you do and don’t like. This provides your Realtor with a better understanding of your style, tastes and preferences. Although it requires added communication up front, it saves you plenty of time and unnecessary stress in the long run. Additionally, if your Realtor knows of an upcoming property that would be a great fit for you, he or she can give you early notice of that property before it hits the open market.

3. Builds trust
Soon enough you’ll be signing an offer to purchase for one of the largest investments you may ever make. Wouldn’t you want some reassurance that you’re making the best choice? When your Realtor understands what you’re looking for, and has seen all the comparable properties, he or she can affirm if it’s the right decision or not. Personally, I’d want 100% confidence that the person negotiating on my behalf is truly working in my best interest!

As it’s recommended, we work with one pharmacist, one dentist, one doctor or one financial advisor, we also recommend you work with one Realtor. You need the assurance of knowing you have a professional leading you with integrity while buying a home, as it’s a decision that will affect both your family and financial future.

If you’re considering buying or selling a home and don’t already have a Realtor you’ve committed to, contact us today! It is always our greatest honour to serve you!

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