Become Servants of One Another...

Merry Christmas from Jason Rustand Team Real Estate


There are times we come to a quiet place inside of confusion with hope, loss with gratitude and mourning with joy. 2020 has been a year full of these things. Individuals and families have endured a lot this year. Every single one of us likely now knows someone who’s experienced Covid-19, something I couldn’t say personally until August. The pain experienced by each person who has had Covid parallels the emotion every one of us has experienced going through 2020. Sure, we are all in this together, meanwhile we’ve also gone through 2020 from a different vantage point. Some have lost loved ones, businesses, jobs, financial security, dreams, marriages, hobbies, health, friendships, and some they feel they’ve lost it all. It has been hard to face this much devastation. I was speaking with a friend earlier this week and she said, “I never would’ve imagined a day when the government could tell me who I can and cannot welcome into my own home.” Another friend recently shared, “The only thing that I can count on right now is the sun rising and setting, everything else is pretty much uncertain.” These raw feelings have likely been felt by many. Much has been taken and much has been sacrificed. 

As we went into partial lockdown, our family was filled with angst as we considered all of our friends, businesses, and parts of our community that had to be shut down. We get it, the curve must bend. Meanwhile it is hard knowing how much suffering is on other side of these shutdowns. 

Galatians 5:13 says that we are to “become servants of one another, expressing love in all we do”. This truth is more applicable than ever before. The unfortunate reality is that anger, fear and division have been more evident on social media than love, kindness, and unity. And yet this is who we are called to be…servants of one another, expressing love in all that we do. 

We love our community. My wife and I turned 40 years old this year and for both of us over 35 of these years have been invested in Leduc. As a community we urge us all to come together in kindness, generosity and encouragement for one other. If you don’t have money to give, that’s ok. Instead, could you extend a good deed and shovel a walk, make a meal, or do an errand for a fellow neighbor? If you have excess clothing, furniture, or food, share these things. Leduc & Area Mamas and Leduc’s Community Assistance to COVID-19 are incredible Facebook pages to share how can you give. Also, keep supporting your local businesses. Even though many storefronts are closed, purchasing gift cards and products can help local businesses remain open in 2021. You can visit a new Facebook page called Shop Local Leduc & Area to find out how you can best support local businesses. 

For those who’ve already been giving generously, serving and loving friends, neighbors and strangers, thank you. You make our community great and we appreciate all that you do! We pray health, safety, and connection (though it will look very different this year!) over every family in our community this Christmas. And we pray a safe and healthy return of all local businesses. 

Blessings and Merry Christmas from the Jason Rustand Team
(Jason, Kristine, Jeremy, Liz and Ciaara)

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