HELP! Why Hasn’t My House Sold?

Jason Rustand Team Real Estate - Why hasn't my house sold?

HELP! Why Hasn’t My House Sold?

When you have a home that just isn’t selling, there often are a few key reasons why. First, buyers in the market could be struggling to find enough value for the price. At times the price is too high, while other times the value of property hasn’t been demonstrated in a way that buyers find agreeable. You want your listing showcased in a way that draws buyers in, otherwise, you risk losing a lot of potential buyers. Today we’re sharing how you can best maximize interest and salability of your home.

To start, ensure you have HIGH QUALITY photos to market your property. The quality of your listing has a significant impact on the ‘sale-ability’ of your home. This is your greatest opportunity to make a strong first impression.

Next, you want a POWERFUL description for your property. You want the most important features that buyers will love about your home highlighted and talked about in detail. Buyers dream about their future home, so present your home in a way that makes them feel like their dreams can come true.

You want to PROMOTE your listing in more places. Some people believe that MLS is enough, and while it’s a great start, you need more. Buyers today depend not only on MLS, but also on realtor’s websites, social media, feature listings, driving through neighborhoods and more to find their new home.

It’s important to FIND OUT WHY buyers are saying no. Buyers may say no because they have a preferred floor plan or a specific direction they want their home to face to maximize natural light. Other times buyers say no because of the property condition. If you commonly hear feedback like “it needs a paint job” or “it felt too cluttered” these are clear indicators of what steps you can take to make your home more saleable.

If needed, MAKE IMPROVEMENTS. If multiple buyers are saying the same thing, we suggest responding to the market by getting the work done. If we were in a sellers market, then buyers are more willing to do whatever it takes to get into a home. But in today’s market, with various options to choose from, buyers don’t need to put the extra work in. They can just wait a few more weeks for the right property to come available.

If all of the above factors have been addressed and your house still hasn’t sold, it may be time to ADJUST THE PRICE. While we don’t want to drop a price too soon, we also need to ensure we don’t wait too long and ‘miss the market’. Waiting too long can be detrimental to your marketing efforts and your pocketbook, which is the last thing we want.

If you were unsuccessful selling your home and still want to move, the fall is the second busiest time of the year to do so. There are plenty of buyers in the market eager to settle in before snow arrives. If you don’t already have a professional, integrity-driven Realtor working for you, feel free to contact us today.

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