How to Get Your Kids Excited About a Move

How to Get Your Kids Excited About a Move

As you and your spouse talk more about a potential move, one question that always arises is “what’s the best way to tell the kids?” For some children, moving is an exciting adventure, while others they feel sad to leave neighborhood friends. To help ease any fear and anxiety, it’s best to involve your children in as many decisions as possible. Here are a few things you can do:

1. Make a family wish list. This will help your family get excited about the things you all want in your new home. Such features may include a bigger backyard, a playroom, a hot tub, living close to a playground or trails.

2. Go house-hunting together. Show your kids some of your favourite properties online so they can have something to look forward to. Get them excited about features they’ll like, such as room for a trampoline or a playhouse. If it's practical, take your children to see properties with you. It’s beneficial to have colouring books or an iPad to keep them occupied. 

3. Inquire about other kids in the neighborhood. Once you have a short list of your favourite properties, ask your Realtor to inquire about other families and ages of kids in the neighborhood. This can be a deciding factor in narrowing down your final selection. 

4. Let them pick out their room. Allowing your children to decide which room will be theirs, and/or which colour to paint it will help them look forward to the new things to come. 

5. Set aside their favourite items. When pre-packing, let your kids decide what favourite books, toys and stuffed animals they want to keep in their room. Assure them that any packed items will only be set aside for a little while. You can even use words like, “It’s going to feel like Christmas when we get to open all these boxes in your new room.”

6. Throw a ‘see you soon’ party. Invite over friends before your big move to have one last fun party. As long as you’re willing to do so, assure all the kids that you’ll be back to visit. 

7. Make a memory book. Shutterfly and Costco offer simple options to make special memory books. These can include memories of your old home including friends, gatherings, neighbors and playground(s). To make it even more special, make one for each child. 

8. Reminisce over dinner. During one of your last family meals, ask each child to recall a few of their favourite moments. If they’re feeling sad, remind them of all the things you’re looking forward to doing with them in your new home. You can also let them choose which favourite meal they want share together as well.

Kids love to feel like they’re a part of the process. Allowing them to make choices along the way helps them feel more involved and valued. With every conversation and decision, keep in mind that this move is as big of a deal for them as it is for you. Big decisions often come with big emotions, so be patient and gentle every step of the way. If you’re planning to buy or sell a home, contact us today. It’d be our honour to help you with your move!

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