Increase Your Odds of Generating Multiple Offers

Increase Your Odds of Generating a Multiple Offer

Amidst a global pandemic and tough economic times, you may be surprised to hear that some properties are receiving multiple offers. In every market, we’ll see some houses that get a quick offer, those that take a month or two to sell, and some that sit for a while. Naturally, motivated sellers aspire to have a quick sale. Fortunately, there are steps you can take to make that happen and even increase your odds of generating multiple offers.

1. Price Aggressively. Homes that receive multiple offers are typically priced aggressive enough to attract urgent interest from multiple parties. As perceived value increases, so does excitement, the perfect prerequisite to offers. To know the right price for your home, seek out comparable sales. Then, list your home at a slight discount (not premium) compared to your competition. This will get buyers' attention.

2. Market for First Impressions. Most buyers will not take the time to see inside a property unless they already like what they’ve seen online. To market the best first impression, your property needs to look its best the moment photos are taken. Hiring a professional photographer is key! They know how to create depth, build atmosphere and connect a buyer’s emotion to their work, which ultimately draws buyers in to ‘need’ your home. You want buyers to feel that your home is “the one” before they’ve even seen it.

3. Give Lots of Access. Put yourself in a buyer's shoes and imagine there are 15 homes that meet your specifications for size, style, price and location. You’ve chosen your top 10, however you only have time to see seven properties. If one of these homes is unavailable to see, another gets added to the list. This means a top pick has been bumped down the list because it’s not accessible. It might seem overly simple, but if you want to increase your odds for multiple offers, then your property has to have easy access. If getting top dollar for your home is a high priority, ensure your home is ready to show every day.

4. Make it Look & Feel Amazing! Properties that have increased odds of generating a multiple offer are those with a better look, feel and function compared to the majority of the market. You want multiple buyers to want your home enough that they’re willing to compete with others for it. Prepare your home by ensuring it’s immaculately clean inside and out. Fix and replace necessary items. If needed paint or update that which is old and worn. Show off how move-in ready your home is by marketing the upgrades and care you’ve put into it over the years.

If you’re considering a move, now is the time to have a Realtor see your home and give you professional advice on what you can do to get home ready to hit the market strong. Contact us at the Jason Rustand Team. We’d be happy to meet with you, get a better understanding of your goals and help you make your move.

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