Can I Still Sell My Home in the Winter?

Sell your home in Winter

Properties sell all year long

Now that winter is officially here many sellers may think they’re better off to wait until spring to list their home. Some have been misled to believe that properties don’t sell this late in the season, which is a common real estate myth.

The truth is, properties sell all year long. While there are differences between selling in the spring verses the winter, homes still sell every day. Today we’re sharing with you what makes this season a great time to sell!

Less inventory. With spring being the most desirable time to sell, it also brings higher inventory and more competition. Meanwhile, fall and winter months bring less inventory, allowing your property to stand out more. Inventory levels are lower at this time of year as some sellers take their home off the market for the holidays. Sharp sellers see this as a perfect opportunity to capture a motivated buyer. It’s important to ask your Realtor how much competition there is in your neighborhood, as it can differ from one area to another.

Holidays bring out emotions. What we appreciate most about selling now is that it’s a wonderful opportunity to show case your home decorated for the holidays. The holiday season brings joyful memories, and what better opportunity to create an atmosphere where buyers can envision their future family celebrating in your home. Drawing out these emotions allows your home to feel more warm and inviting, especially in the colder, dreary weather.

Motivated buyers. It’s likely you’ll experience fewer showings during the winter, however the quality of your buyers will be much higher. Why else would someone look at your property in the dark, cold evenings unless they were motivated to buy?

Potential relocations. Relocations are commonly seen at the start of a new year and into the first quarter, making this a great time to sell. These buyers aren’t typically ‘window shopping’ to help them ‘get a feel for the market’. They’re serious buyers who need to find a home now.

Share summer photos. You don’t need the spring season to show case your beautiful yard when you have a great opportunity to share summer photos of your home. Buyers will appreciate your extra effort to help them envision what they currently cannot see. Many sellers won’t take this extra step, so it’s one more way you can stand out.

Don’t put off for tomorrow what you can do today. If you think you’re ready to sell your home, or just want to talk with a local Realtor to see how your home compares to the current inventory, contact us today.

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