5 Strategies To Sell Your Home Faster This Fall

Sell your home faster in Leduc

Tips to get your home sold 

Now that summer has passed and routines are returning to normal, you may be considering a move before winter settles in. If that’s you, you want to ensure that you sell your home quickly and for a good price. To help you out, we’re offering 5 strategies to help your home sell faster.

Prepare for Opportunities. If you want to sell your home faster, do your best to not miss an opportunity to show it. This means you want to be as prepared as possible with a ready-to-show, clean and tidy home. We often have Realtors seeking last minute showings. These can be tough to accommodate when you’re not prepared.

Remove Pet Evidence. If you’re a pet owner you probably love your pets as much as your kids, some days maybe you love them more. Unfortunately, not everyone feels the same way about pets. Store away or remove pet food trays, toys, crates, and clean up any debris in yard.

Be sure all potential pet hair is fully removed from flooring and furniture. If needed, go to Auto Obsess in Edmonton to pick up a $22 rubber pet hair removal brush. Or, hire our fantastic detailers who have everything you need to remove stubborn pet hair. Contact Heather Jones with J&H Auto Detailing at 780-951-9534. Perhaps you may need to call in Ozone Pros (www.ozone-pros.com) to eliminate pet odour.

Strategically Price your Property. Pricing your property can be challenging. You have so many intangible factors like family gatherings, celebrations or bringing a new child home that have added tremendous heart and soul value to your home. Unfortunately, they don’t do the same for potential buyers who have yet to build their own memories there.

You can renovate a bath, replace cabinets, develop your basement or upgrade the furnace thinking that what you spend is what you get back out, if not more. This is often not the case. In the same way that you don’t sell a new truck for the brand-new price you paid for it 6 months prior, rarely will you get your full value back from replaced or renovated items.

A competitive fair market price attracts more potential buyers. The more interested parties you have in your home, the firmer you can hold to your price.

Post your Property on Facebook and Instagram. Social media is used for way more than sharing photos, struggles and successes. It’s a major advertising platform. Post your listing to your platform and ask family and friends to share it. Or create a sponsored ad. Sponsored ads allow you target your market so that your property shows up to those who’ve already been browsing real estate in your area.

Negotiable Bonus Items. If you can provide more value to a potential buyer, you increase your chances of a quicker sale. Are there valuable household items you no longer need or are planning to replace anyway? Items could include a second fridge, ride on lawn mower (acreage), snow blower, garden tools, BBQ or furniture. Negotiate these into your sale and save the headache of having to move them or sell them online?

Have you considered selling? If so, contact us. It’d be our highest honour to meet you, get a better understanding of your moving goals, and see how we can best serve and support you.

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