What You Need to Know About Building Permits 

Building Permits

Building permits for home renos

If you’re planning a renovation or a building project, you’re probably like many homeowners who are eager to get the project underway. Before doing so, be sure to see which projects require permits, otherwise you could find yourself with unnecessary complications that could’ve been avoided. Today we want to share with you what you need to know about permits and why they’re necessary.

Who gets the permit?
As the homeowner, you are legally responsible for obtaining any required building permits. If you hire a renovator or contractor to do the project, they can obtain permits on your behalf. Before any work has begun, clearly understand which permits are required and who will get them. If your renovator agrees to get the permit(s) for you, you will need to sign a letter authorizing them to do so.

What projects require permits?
A building permit is generally required for renovations or additions that involve changes to the structure or systems within your home, and/or on your lot. This includes new structures such a garage, deck (higher than 2ft), storage shed (dependent on its size), additions etc. Permits must be obtained when developing basements, and at various stages including construction, electrical, plumbing, gas for a fireplace etc. If removing a large structure, you may require a demolition permit. If you’re installing a hot tub or fire pit, these too require permits. For more a list of all permits, visit our city website at www.leduc.ca

Where do you get a permit?
To obtain a permit application, visit www.leduc.ca. In the search option on the top right corner, type in permits and various options including more information and applications are available. You can also contact our city’s planning and development office. For Leduc, contact 780-980-7124.

When do you need to get a permit?
Once your plans and drawings for your renovation or building project are complete, they will need to be taken to the city along with an application in order for a permit to be issued. This must be done before any work begins. Most building projects are underway during the spring and summer months, which will take up to 2 weeks for approval. At various stages, inspections will also be required depending on the project.

Why do you need a building permit?
Your renovation or building project must meet basic requirements for health, safety and structural soundness as set out by building codes. Beyond this, the permit process makes sure that your plans are in line with municipal and provincial requirements, such as zoning regulations. Getting permits protects you from potential lawsuits due to negligence should a major issue arise because permits weren’t in place.

We’ve worked with many sellers who either forgot to or didn’t know they had to obtain a building permit. By not doing so, unnecessary complications arose while selling their home. Next week we’ll discuss the risks you face when you miss this valuable first step so that you gain a better understanding of why you need to get your permits in place before any work begins.

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