Successfully Selling Your Older Home

 Successfully Selling Your Older Home

You’re ready to move into a newer neighborhood, but before you can make an offer on a new home, you need to sell your current one. You know you need to do updates and repairs to get your property in better condition to sell, and you also want to save some money for a few purchases for your new place. How can you ensure you get the best return on your dollar? We’re glad you asked!

Though some properties have an extensive list of repairs needed, today we’re focusing on minor areas, assuming your property has no significant issues. If, however, there are extensive matters that could turn a buyer away, such as a leaky basement or structural concerns, then it’s most important to take care of these first.

Performing upgrades with the intent of selling looks very different than if you were doing them for your enjoyment. There isn’t an urgency to spend extra on high end upgrades when chances are the future owner won’t appreciate these features as much as you do. For example, if you’re doing a bathroom renovation, put in an average mid-grade tub, surround and shower head rather than going for an air jetted tub with rain shower head. Doing the latter may mean throwing away an extra $2000.

Without a doubt, painting offers one of the best returns when done well. If you lack experience, invite a friend or pay someone with experience to do your trim and edging work while you focus on rolling. You can find good painters who don’t charge professional pricing. Though it’ll take extra work, having a fresh coat of white paint on baseboards, trim and doors provides a fresh, clean feel. If needed, get referrals on Facebook’s Leduc Area Rant & Rave. We recommend Murray Williams at 780-224-9000 and Phil Hiebert at 780-904-8673.

Most know that the kitchen is considered to be one of the showcase areas of a property. Therefore, it needs to be a clean and comfortable workspace. Minor repairs may include fixing hinges and tracking on cupboards and drawers. You can paint or replace cabinet doors and update your hardware. If your counters are old, replace with new laminate vs. granite. If your home is in a more expensive neighborhood, then it probably is better to consider granite as it’s what most buyers in the upper price point are looking for.

In bathrooms, your quickest repairs include replacing old, leaky faucets, and caulking around the sink, toilet and tub to keep moisture out. You can affordably replace your vanity, toilet, and shower curtain especially when looking for resale items on Vinyl flooring is relatively affordable and easy to install.

We continue to be amazed how fresh looking professionally cleaned carpets can become. Some people wait until they’ve moved out before cleaning their carpets, where we recommend getting them done just before your property is listed for sale. If you have a number of stains or snags in the carpet, price out what a replacement would be with Vinyl or laminate floors. Graham with Quality Floor Coverings will take good care of you!

The exterior is what a buyer sees first when viewing your property. If possible, power wash driveways and walkways. Clean the exterior of your home, including siding, windows and gutters. As long as the snow has melted and lawn is dry enough, mow the grass and if needed, pull weeds. Once spring is in full force, plant flowers to add color and make your property feel homier. Clean up any junk that may have accumulated in the yard or on the outside of any storage sheds.

Lastly, go through your property to ensure everything works as it should. Double check small things like doorknobs and locks, to bigger areas like your garage door. Everything doesn’t have to be new for a property to be desirable to buyers, however you want all the functional aspects of your home to be in good working order. A few broken components will ‘red flag’ the buyer, enticing lower offers or turning them away all together.

We have an extensive list we provide all of our sellers to help get their property ready to sell. This, along with our team’s marketing efforts allow our properties to sell much faster than the average Realtor. If you want a copy of this list, or if you’re considering buying or selling contact us today! It is always our highest honour to serve you in every way we can.

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