February 2019

Do I Buy, Sell or Hold in 2019?

Posted on Feb 28, 2019

Every year, whether the market is increasing, decreasing, or holding steady people want to know:

1. What’s my home worth?
2. Where’s the real estate market going?
3. When’s the best time to buy or sell?

Various factors affect property pricing. 

One of the more recent factors affecting buyer’s ability to qualify has been the mortgage stress test. The act...

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5 Reasons Winter is a More ‘Chill’ Time to Sell

Posted on Feb 14, 2019

When temperatures are as cold as they’ve recently been, going door to door looking at houses may seem a little insane. Most people know that the spring is the busiest time for buyers and sellers, so why consider selling now?

While it is true that sales tend to slow down in the winter, it’s not necessarily a bad thing. Yes, less homes sell. However...

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