5 Reasons Winter is a More ‘Chill’ Time to Sell

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5 Reasons Winter is a More
‘Chill’ Time to Sell

When temperatures are as cold as they’ve recently been, going door to door looking at houses may seem a little insane. Most people know that the spring is the busiest time for buyers and sellers, so why consider selling now?

While it is true that sales tend to slow down in the winter, it’s not necessarily a bad thing. Yes, less homes sell. However, there are many smart reasons to sell your home in the winter, if you can. Here’s why.

There is less competition.

Many sellers are just starting to talk about listing their home for the spring. They know this is their year to move, however don’t plan to hit the market until mid-March to mid-June.

Selling your house sooner means you have less competitive homes that are similar to yours. In the spring we can see 2-3 comparable houses on a single block.

Remember the old saying, “The early bird gets the first worm”? It means those who arrive first have a greater chance of success. What a great opportunity to sell now, especially if no one else around you is!

Buyers are motivated.

Buyers are not looking at properties in sub-zero temperatures because they want to. They do it because they have to. The spring market definitely brings more buyers, while it also brings a lot more casual lookers. You can be sure that when a buyer is coming at -20 degrees he or she is both serious and motivated to buy!

You can create a cozy environment.

Buyers want your house to feel like home. Winter provides a great opportunity to turn on the fireplace, set out an area rug, have comfy pillows and a decorative blanket over the couch, all which create a cozy, warm, welcoming space. Turn your exterior lights on to have your home ‘pop’ out as buyers arrive and boil cinnamon sticks shortly before your showing time for an added touch.

You don’t have to invest as much time on curb appeal.

Let’s be honest. When the spring arrives, it’s a mess. Your front street, driveway, lawn, even your windows will need to be cleaned. You’ll need to spray the exterior of your home, possibly even clean your gutters in preparation for a home inspection. Add to it fertilizing, planting flowers, and more. It’s a lot of work! In the winter, you don’t have to do any of this, because you’re very limited in what can be done due to cold temperatures. That’s a nice bonus!

Smoother closing.

Because we see more sales in the spring, you’re more likely to face added hassles and delays such as mortgage approval, delay in mortgage documents arriving at lawyers leading to late signing which can lead to closing delays. You can also endure last minute ‘rush charges’ even if the delays are out of your control.

How much more possible is it to experience a smooth closing when Mortgage Brokers, Realtors, Inspectors and Lawyers are overseeing at least 25% less clients than they do in the spring?

If you’re one of the many talking about selling this spring, our highest suggestion is to see what can be done to reach the market sooner. We want you to reap these benefits that selling in winter can bring.

To start contact us, The Jason Rustand Team. We want to meet you. See your home. Understand your goals. And share suggestions on how to maximize the most value out of your home.

Jason Rustand with RE/MAX Real Estate serves with the highest level of integrity and excellence every time. For more info on this topic or others related to real estate, LIKE our Jason Rustand Team Facebook page, call us direct at 780-980-2828, email jrteam@shaw.ca or visit WeSellLeduc.com

2018: Real Estate Market Review

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2018: Real Estate Market Review

The last 12 months have shown to be cautious and uncertain in the real estate market. We saw major changes in borrowing rules and interest rates, both which significantly impacted buyers’ ability to upgrade their home, and for many first-time buyers, made it questionable if they could even enter the market in a starter home.

Thankfully our community of Leduc has continued to remain relatively steady and stable. In 2018 the number of single family homes increased to 471 sold, whereas in 2017 we had only 404 single family homes sell. The average sale price for single family homes was $356,720 in 2018, which represented a 2.83% decrease from 2017’s average price at $367,380.

Condo sales were consistent with 64 condos sold in both 2018 and 2017. Surprisingly, we saw an increase in condo’s average sale price by 2.19% reaching $229,978 in 2018, compared to 2017’s average price which was at $225,059.

Housing also take a little longer to sell. In 2018 single family homes averaged 67 days on market to sell, compared to 62 days on market in 2017. Condos averaged 82 days on market to sell, compared to 81 days on market in 2017.

The charts below break down single family homes and condominiums sold in Leduc into various dwelling types, including the total number of each that sold, the average on market and their average sales price in 2018


Building Type Number Sold Average Days on Market Average Sales Price
Residential Detached 389 66 $370,020
Residential Attached 15 71 $299,800
Half Duplex 63 73 $295,832
Side by Side Duplex 1 78 $530,000
Vacant Land 3 53 $137,666

*Numbers taken from research completed on  https://rae.paragonrels.com

CONDO (2018)

Building Type Number Sold Average Days on Market Average Price
Apartment 16 92 $221,250
Townhouse 32 81 $214,201
Carriage 4 74 $172,750
Duplex style 11 76 $299,381
Detached condo 1 84 $340,000

*Numbers taken from research completed on  https://rae.paragonrels.com

These numbers represent our community of Leduc as a whole and will differ from one neighborhood to the next. If you’d like a specific break down for your area, contact us and we’d be happy to share further info with you. 

If you’re considering a move or would like an updated market evaluation on your home, call us today. It is always our highest honour to serve you in any way we can!

Jason Rustand with RE/MAX Real Estate serves with the highest level of integrity and excellence every time.  For more info on this topic or others related to real estate, text or call Jason direct at 780.919.0004, email jrteam@shaw.ca or visit WeSellLeduc.com

6 Things Buyers Wish They Knew Before Becoming A Homeowner

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Buying a home can be intimidating and overwhelming.  From finding the right agent, to making it through negotiations, here are six things buyers wish they knew before becoming a homeowner.

1. They wish they didn’t borrow the maximum amount

Just because you’re approved for it doesn’t mean you should buy the most expensive house you can have. Banks calculate what they’ll lend based on your total debts and living expenses.  What doesn’t get calculated are those times when ‘life happens’. You get injured, have a baby, need a new vehicle, or unfortunately lose an income.  The house you once dreamed about is now keeping you up late at night.

2. They wish they had worked with an experienced agent

Instead, calculate how much you feel comfortable spending each month including your mortgage, taxes, insurance, maintenance and all utilities.  Does this amount still allow you to have some flexible spending and to save for your future? Buying a home below the maximum will help safeguard your family and financial security.

Browsing MLS is a great start, but working with an experienced agent will help you navigate the complex process of buying a home.  Realtors have a trained eye to notice details that you as a buyer may not see.  Once you find the place you love, they can research comparable listings, advise on what your opening offer should be, and negotiate on your behalf.  They can recommend other professionals involved in the buying process such as lawyers, inspectors etc. The seller nearly always covers the realtor’s fee, so it doesn’t cost you anything out of pocket.

3. They wish they knew about all the closing costs

Between a property inspection, legal fees, taxes, insurance, setting up utilities, moving costs, and any immediate repairs, the costs add up substantially.  It’s recommended you have an additional 2-3% of your purchase price saved for added costs.  Even if your home is “move in ready”, purchases such as furnishings, small appliances, linens etc. add up fast.

4.  They wish they had moved faster

Even in a slower economy, the ‘hot’ properties still move fast.  When you find the right house at a good price, you have to move fast or it’ll be gone.  We’ve had clients take a day to think it over just to wind up in multiple offers, or worse someone else bought it.  Ask yourself, “If we found the right home today, are we willing to write an offer?”

5. They wish they considered what they could change

The idea of replacing a hot water tank can be stressful, but nearly every home has items to repair or replace. Some things you can change, and some things you can’t. The number one thing you can’t change is location.  Is the home in a safe, family friendly neighborhood?  Are there barking dogs next door or renters who party all night long? Meanwhile, that 20-year old furnace is something you can change. But, if you let it scare you away, you could miss the opportunity to live in a great community with good neighbors.

6. They wish they’d hired a property inspector.

Protect yourself and hire a professional property inspector to thoroughly go through the home before you commit to an unconditional purchase. A property inspection helps expose potential problems that could cost you a ton of money down the road. A good inspector also attends to seemingly insignificant details, which helps you estimate which minor costs can be expected upon move in.

Buying a home is perhaps one of the largest investments you’ll ever make. You need the right professionals working on your behalf to help protect your family, your investment, and your future!

If you’re ready to buy a home, or just want to talk with a local Realtor to learn more about the buying process give us a call. It is always our highest honour to help you in any way we can!

Jason Rustand with RE/MAX Real Estate serves with the highest level of integrity and excellence every time.  For more info on this topic or others related to real estate contact him direct at 780.980.2828, email jrteam@shaw.ca or visit WeSellLeduc.com

Surprisingly Smart Reasons to Buy a Home During the Holidays

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Surprisingly Smart Reasons to Buy a Home During the Holidays


Merry Christmas friends! The holidays are here again, and it’s the perfect time for … house shopping? We know the holidays are filled with family feasts and much-needed time off. And, while it might seem counter-intuitive to put a major purchase like a home on your shopping list, it really does make sense.

Don’t believe us? Check out these surprisingly smart reasons to let everyone else cash in Boxing Day sales while you make the purchase of a lifetime; a new home to ring in the New Year.


1. Less competition from home buyers

Most buyers take the month off to celebrate the holidays, attend parties, host out-of-town guests, and avoid trudging through deep snow and cold temperatures shopping for their new home. House shopping when fewer buyers are in the market can pay off big time.


2. Serious sellers

December sellers are more likely to be serious (and motivated), therefore more open to negotiation. What you may lack in choice of available homes could be balanced out by negotiating with a more flexible seller.

Some sellers have a compelling reason for putting their house on the market during the holidays such as facing a relocation. Others may also want a purchase contract in hand for tax advantages. If it’s a rental property on which they incurred a loss, they may want to take the deduction this calendar year.


3. A realistic picture of the property

What home doesn’t look amazing in the spring with newly planted flowers and plenty of sunlight streaming through the windows? Checking it out during the winter can give you a more accurate idea of what you might be living with for the rest of the year.

You can discover potential concerns that you’d notice only during the cold weather. Maybe a bedroom doesn’t get sufficient heat, or the front door gets jammed in icy conditions. Inspectors are less likely to catch these issues when they check them out of season.

There are alternative issues that could pop up more during summer will be less accessible in the winter. For example, you won’t know how well A/C works or what the shingles really looks like under all that snow.


4. Greater accessibility to professionals

Since December is usually a slower month all around, you will have easier access to movers, a Home Inspector, Realtor and mortgage broker.

If you’re ready to buy a home, or just want to talk with a local Realtor to learn more about the buying process give us a call. It is always our highest honour to help you in any way we can!


**NOTE: Article referenced from Nov 16, 2017 post on https://www.realtor.com/advice/buy/reasons-to-buy-a-home-during-the-holidays/



Jason Rustand with RE/MAX Real Estate serves with the highest level of integrity and excellence every time.  For more info on this topic or others follow Jason Rustand Team on Facebook and Instagram, call Jason direct at 780.919.0004, email jrteam@shaw.ca or visit WeSellLeduc.com





Can I Still Sell My Home In the Winter?

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Can I Still Sell My Home In the Winter?


Now that winter is officially here many sellers will be thinking they’re better off to wait it out until the spring.  Some sellers are misled to believe that properties don’t sell this late in the season, which is a common real estate myth.


The truth is that properties sell all year long. While there are differences between selling in the spring verses the winter, it can still be done.  Today we’re sharing with you what makes this season a great time to sell!


Less inventory.  With spring being the most desirable time to sell, it also brings higher inventory and more competition. The fall and winter months bring less inventory allowing you a larger window to stand out against your competition. Often inventory levels drop at this time of year as sellers take their home off the market for the holidays.  Sharp sellers see this as a perfect opportunity to capture a motivated buyer.  To be sure, it’s important to get ask your Realtor how much competition there is with homes similar to yours, as it can differ from one price point to the other.


Holidays bring out emotions.  What we appreciate most about selling now is that it’s a wonderful opportunity to showcase your home decorated for the holidays. The holiday season brings joyful memories, and what better opportunity do you have to create an atmosphere where buyers can envision their future family celebrating in your home? Drawing out these emotions allows your home to feel more warm and inviting, especially in the colder, dreary weather.


Motivated buyers. It’s likely you’ll experience fewer showings overall during the winter, but the quality of your buyers will be higher. Why else would someone look at your property in the dark, cold evenings unless they were motivated to buy?


Potential relocations. Relocations are most commonly seen at the start of a new year and into the first quarter, making this a great time to sell. These aren’t buyers who are ‘window shopping’ to help them ‘get a feel for the market’. They’re serious buyers who need to find a home now.


Share summer photos.  You don’t need the spring season to show case your beautiful yard when you have a great opportunity to share some summer photos of your home even though it’s winter. Buyers will appreciate your extra effort to help them envision what what they currently cannot see. And you can be sure most sellers won’t take this extra step so it’s one more way you can stand out.


Don’t put off what you can do today. If you think you’re ready to sell your home, or just want to talk with a local Realtor to see how your home compares to the current inventory, contact us today. You’re in the driver’s seat. The right time for you to sell is when you say you’re ready to move forward.



Jason Rustand with RE/MAX Real Estate serves with the highest level of integrity and excellence every time.  For more info on this topic or others follow Jason Rustand Team on Facebook and Instagram, call Jason direct at 780.919.0004, email jrteam@shaw.ca or visit WeSellLeduc.com


You’ve Got Mail

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You’ve Got Mail


If you’re a researcher and are planning to buy or sell a home, you’ve likely spent lots of time on Realtor.ca getting to know what homes are for sale in what areas and at what price.

It can be a lot of fun in the beginning as you seek out a home search, however, after a while it can become a tedious chore trying to keep up with all the data.


Did you know that we have the ability to send you an email alert notifying you of any listing updates in the past 24 hours?


If you want to get the most out of your time and research, we highly recommend getting set up on an automatic email search.


How do you do that? It’s easy! Email or call your Realtor (or us if you don’t already have one), share your search criteria (how many bedrooms, bathrooms, garage etc.) and price range. We can set up a search on our MLS system that automatically emails you any time a property within your specific interests and price range comes onto the market. This includes brand new listings, those listings hat have expired and are back on the market, and any price changes to previous listings.


An auto email responder is most helpful when you are in one of the following three positions.


  1. You’re 3-6 months away from buying or selling. If you’re not yet ready to buy or sell, however you want to educate yourself on the market this is very valuable tool to use. That way you don’t feel like you’re using too much time while still staying current with market updates.
  2. You have very specific search criteria. Let’s say you need a 4-bedroom home above grade. Unless you find this kind of home, you have no reason to move. Because four bedrooms on the upper level is harder to find, setting up on an automatic search saves you a ton of time from sifting through all the 3-bedroom homes that simply will not fit your family’s needs. Or let’s say you don’t need to move but would love to be on a specific street backing a lake. In this case, you can set up in your search a ‘street name’ and only homes that come up for sale on that street will be emailed to you.
  3. The home you want is a ‘fast sell’. Properties that are lower priced, fully developed, renovated and with a garage are some of the fastest selling homes on the market. In some markets, they can sell faster than you can find them. This is why you want to know about these homes ASAP so that you can be among the first few potential buyers walking through the door.


Email alerts help you stay up to date, educated, focused and organized when buying or selling a home. They are a very valuable tool whether you’re in the market to buy, sell, or soon to do either. If you aren’t already committed to a Realtor and want to be set up on an automatic search, email, call or text us.  It is always our highest honour to help you in any way we can!


Jason Rustand with RE/MAX Real Estate serves with the highest level of integrity and excellence every time.  For more info on this topic or others related to real estate contact LIKE our Jason Rustand Team Facebook page, email jrteam@shaw.ca or visit WeSellLeduc.com.



Buyers Top 10 Wish List

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Buyers Top 10 Wish List


You probably know that to sell your home for top dollar, you want to have it cleaned, decluttered and staged exceptionally well. All of these are true, and today we’ll be sharing what we’ve experienced buyers are looking for when putting together their wish list.


  1. Modern, open kitchen. The kitchen is where people gather, and connection happens! Most new homes today offer large islands attracting conversation and laughter. An open design allows for people to gather in different spaces while still being in one large room.
  2. Bathrooms. With most families needing to get ready in the morning to head off to work and/or school, the number of bathrooms in a home hits high on wish lists. It is rare to see a family of 4, 5, or 6 willing and able to share one bathroom only. Master baths that provide retreat and spa like spaces have become increasing popular, particularly with newer homes.
  3. Storage. People tend to have more stuff than they need. Even when we don’t need more stuff we tend to keep buying more anyway. Buyers are always paying attention to how much storage is available. If you have small closets and want to create more space, consider contacting California Closets for a free consultation.
  4. Spare bedroom. Most families today need a minimum 3-bedroom home, however more and more we see buyers seeking out 4 and 5 bedrooms. In many countries two, three, even four siblings share a single room, however in Canada this is rare. Today’s families want every child to have their own bedroom and for some even their own bathroom.
  5. Upper laundry. In most modern homes the laundry area has been brought up to the main or upper floor, along with cabinets, counter space and sometimes even a sink. The more convenient the laundry space is for accessibility and function, the better.
  6. Home office or playroom. Depending if buyers are a young family or professionals they’re seeking an extra space for either a home office or playroom. Buyers want to see toys and to do’s tucked away in a designated space so that they can protect personal elements within their home.
  7. Energy efficient upgrades. When buyers are shopping older homes, they want to see energy efficient upgrades complete such as updated shingles, windows, high-efficient furnace, programmable thermostats, insulation, energy efficient appliances and more. As they put out a lot of money to purchase a home they want to add up monthly savings when and where possible.
  8. Sufficient garage space. With cold winters, buyers want to know there is sufficient space to park two vehicles and have a storage space for various outdoor games, maintenance items, tools and more.
  9. Outdoor living spaces. Buyers are looking for a home to feel like home both indoors and outdoors. Attractive outdoor spaces like a good-sized deck, patio furniture, a gazebo, privacy, trees and shrubs invite added appeal. As we transition into the winter months provide photos of your outdoor oasis so that buyers can envision what to anticipate all year long.
  10. Move in condition. With increased commitments, buyers have less time for cleaning and upgrading themselves. What a joy it is to find the right home that is also in ‘move in’ condition. Perhaps there are improvements the buyers would like to make in time, however nothing is an urgent need.


If you plan to sell your home and it does not have many of these top 10 items, not to worry. We work diligently to ensure the best features of your home stand out for all to see!


Whether you plan to buy or sell, if you’re in the market for a new home and don’t already have an integrity driven, professional Realtor working for you, feel free to call or email us. It’d be our honour to help you in any way we can.


Jason Rustand with RE/MAX Real Estate serves with the highest level of integrity and excellence every time.  For more info on this topic or others related to real estate contact LIKE our Jason Rustand Team Facebook page, email jrteam@shaw.ca or visit WeSellLeduc.com.




The right scents can help sell your home

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The right scents can help sell your home

Potential buyers walking through your home sense not only what they see, but also what they smell. You want to ensure the environment you provide is one of cleanliness, freshness, familiarity and warmth. This means you need to be intentional about the scents you choose. Many candles and sprays are loaded with chemicals, causing headaches in sensitive buyers. Therefore we recommend you choose simple, light and familiar scents that help to inspire buyers to be drawn into your home.  Today we’re sharing a few of our favorites with you.


Add citrus scents. Your kitchen is one of the most important rooms in your home. Most buyers will spend more time in your kitchen than any other room, which means it must be sparkling clean and needs to smell great.  Freshen it up with a mild lemon or orange cleaner and add fresh citrus fruits to your fruit bowl to match the scent.


Use essential oils. Burning or diffusing essential oils right before a showing is a healthy and natural way to scent your home. You want to use oils that appeal to most people. Avoid strong, polarizing scents and go instead with a relaxing scent like lavender or uplifting scents such as grapefruit or peppermint. If you don’t have a diffuser, add a few drops to your lamps’ light bulbs; when you turn them on for the showing, the heat will release the scent into the room!  If you’d like more info or to order some oils, feel free to contact our friend Larissa Boettcher at 780-966-1703.


Add vanilla. Vanilla is one of those scents that almost everyone loves. Make your prospective buyers feel at home by leaving carefully hidden, open containers of vanilla extract around the house.  As the alcohol evaporates, the pleasant vanilla aroma lightly accents the room. If this is a little risky due to children or pets finding them, add a touch to your light bulbs and turn your lights on for your showing.


Boil cinnamon. In the fall and winter months, put on a pot of water to boil. Throw in a couple of sticks of cinnamon, and let it simmer on low an hour before your showing begins. Your home will smell spicy and warm, like you’re getting ready for the winter holidays.


Use Pine. With the holiday season just around the corner, many buyers will love the fresh pine scent of a Christmas tree when they walk in. If you’re going to put up a tree this year, choose a live tree over an artificial one. The wonderful scent of fresh pine will fill your home, and put potential buyers and guests in the holiday spirit.


Set out flowers. Flowers release a wonderful light fragrance into the room and set a good vibe. They represent life and beauty, inspiring potential buyers to lean in and take a full breath, producing a sense peace and calmness.


While all these scents can help sell your home, remember to keep your preferred choice light and natural. Too strong or complex of a scent can be just as distracting as a bad odour.


If you’re considering selling or buying a home, feel free to call or text me at 780-919-0004.  It is always our highest honour to serve you in any way we can!



Jason Rustand with RE/MAX Real Estate serves with the highest level of integrity and excellence every time.  For more info on this topic or others related to real estate contact LIKE our Jason Rustand Team Facebook page, email jrteam@shaw.ca or visit WeSellLeduc.com.








Pet odours can chase away potential buyers

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Pet odours can chase away potential buyers


While our beloved pets make great companions, they can also bring an odour that turns potential buyers away. You may not even be aware your home has an odour, as our noses have the ability to adapt and be less sensitive to smells around us. It’s wise to ask your Realtor to give you an honest assessment of the smell in your house, and if needed take immediate measure to neutralize them, so that you can then add fresh scents.


Absorb odours. Before adding any scents to your home, you want to start by neutralizing any odours. Baking soda absorbs odors, thus neutralizing less pleasant scents. Simply sprinkle some on your carpets, and furniture. Let it sit for an hour and then vacuum it up. Coffee grinds and dry oatmeal also help to absorb odours. You can add either to a shallow bowl or Tupperware container and place around your house.


Wash and wipe.  Scrub all floors, walls, baseboards and other hard surfaces with vinegar and water, another great neutralizing solution. Because pet odours seep into fabrics, ensure all linens, drapes, cushions and pillows are cleaned. Some can be thrown into the washing machine, while others need to be dry-cleaned or steam cleaned.


Remove odours. If odours are still present, consider bringing in The Ozone-Pros. Their unique treatment process removes odours in a safe and efficient way that sanitizes, deodorizes and disinfects the indoor air in your home. They guarantee their services whether working with cigarette smoke, mold/mildew, pets or ethnic food.  See more at ozone-pros.com


Let fresh air in.  We’re limited on how much longer we can leave windows open for as the winter draws nearer and nearer. When possible, open windows, especially prior to showings to allow fresh air to circulate through and drive pet smells out.


Professional cleaning. Some odours are embedded enough into the fabric of furniture and carpets that they need to be professionally cleaned. Carpet cleaning companies offer powerful deodorizing solutions where for an added fee they can ensure your carpets and furniture not only look great, but smell great as well. Some companies even guarantee their services where if you can still smell the odour, they will come back to redo their work.  We’ve worked with Alberta Carpet Cleaning a few times and have been very pleased with their service and pricing.


Extreme measures. Depending on the severity of the odour, more extreme measures may need to be taken. For example, some flooring may need to be replaced. If doing so, take the time to scrub the subfloor with a vinegar and water solution to remove the odour before laying down new flooring.  You may also have to repaint or replace walls.


Relocate your pet(s). Once your home is free of pet odours, do what you can to keep the smells from returning.  If your pet has a best friend it can stay with while you’re selling your home (and you can stand to be separated from your pet), consider sending your pet on a temporary vacation. If your pet has to stay, remove him or her from the house for showings, put away their dishes, bed(s), crate, toys etc.


After odours have been neutralized, you then want to add the right scents to help draw buyers in to want your home. Check back next week, as we’ll be discussing what smells help to sell your home.  If you’re considering a move, and don’t already have a Realtor, feel free to call us at 780-980-2828 or email jrteam@shaw.ca. It’d be our honour to help you in any way we can.


Jason Rustand with RE/MAX Real Estate serves with the highest level of integrity and excellence every time.  For more info on this topic or others related to real estate contact LIKE our Jason Rustand Team Facebook page, email jrteam@shaw.ca or visit WeSellLeduc.com.









7 Habits of Highly Effective Home Buyers – Part 2

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7 Habits of Highly Effective Home Buyers – Part 2


If you enjoy Leadership books, Steven Covey’s 7 Habits of Highly Effective People is a fantastic book! A few notable quotes from the book include:


“At some time in your life, you probably had someone believe in you when you didn’t believe in yourself.”

“How you treat the one reveals how you regard the many, because everyone is ultimately a one.”

“When the trust account is high, communication is easy, instant, and effective.”


Last week we covered Steven Covey’s first three habits, which included be proactive, begin with the end in mind, and put first things first. If you missed the article, visit our blog at WeSellLeduc.com.  This week we’re finishing up with the next four habits.


Habit #4: Think WIN WIN

Covey’s habit #4 thinking WIN WIN is about finding solutions that work for everyone involved, especially when it comes to negotiating on a property. During negotiations nobody wants to feel cheated or mistreated. If you enter negotiations with little to no flexibility, you’re likely to experience more resistance and push back from the other party.

Seeking WIN WIN starts with knowing what elements of your offer have more negotiating room. It’s possible these elements will line up favorably with the seller, and when they do, they’ll be more inclined to offer what’s more important to you as well.

Before you can get to an offer, you want to be thinking WIN WIN with the person you’re buying a home with. It makes it difficult, and if not impossible to know when you’ve found the right property when you’re not on the same page. Discuss in advance what features are most important to each of you and bring forward those that are the same. Any features that are different, determine on a scale of 1-10 exactly how crucial they are to you.  Those that rate an 8+ again would be brought forward to be a part of your property search. Any features that rate lower on the scale, you may choose to dismiss since they aren’t as high of a priority.


Habit #5: Seek first to understand, then be understood

When given the opportunity, we all want to share ‘good’ advice. There are times though that the advice doesn’t line up with the situation at hand. Good real estate advice can change depending on the market, the season, how many homes are for sale, pricing and more. Before seeking to be understood, it’s wise to meet with your Realtor to have a better understanding of the market within your price range and the buying process.  Ask as many questions as needed to gain added insight so that when you find the right home, you’re more prepared and confident to take the next step towards making an offer.


Habit #6: Synergize

Ken Blanchard, co-author of The Leadership Pill says, “”None of us is as smart as all of us.” When buying a home, you could do it all on your own, investing a lot of time and money, hoping for the best, or you can hire a team of professionals who are committed to working on your behalf. This extends beyond hiring a Realtor. You also want a home inspector, mortgage specialist, lawyer and beyond to support your home purchase. Depending on the results of your property inspection, you may have to hire a mold specialist, foundation specialist or an engineer to further investigate the property. As a Realtor I can offer real estate advice, however beyond that I provide a better service to you by referring you to trusted professionals in other fields who know their industry best. This way you’re supported with the most effective advice and support from start to finish.


Habit #7: Sharpen the saw

Covey’s 7th habit is about learning and growing along the way. If this is your first home buying experience it will likely feel overwhelming. There is so much to learn in a short period of time.  You may even experience a few unexpected bumps along the way.  Thankfully with the right support, you’ll be learning and growing from the entire experience to be better prepared the next time you buy a home, even if it’s 5-10 years away.


With these 7 habits being put to work, you’ll be a highly effective homebuyer in no time! Whatever it is that we can do to help, our team is excited to support you. Whether it’s as simple as answering questions about the market, setting you up on an automated property search, or helping you find the right home, we’re here for you!


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