Twas the night before Christmas…Real Estate version

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Twas the night before Christmas and all through the house

Not a creature was stirring, not even a mouse

The JRT sign hung on the front lawn with care

In hopes that a buyer would soon be there


The sellers polished and cleaned day after day

“You want to be prepared for a showing”, we’d say

Dreams of an offer danced in their head

While visions of a winter move filled them with dread,, the Rep to name a few

Professional photos, Facebook, Instagram, & video too

Keep your hopes high, our marketing efforts continue to grow

Even though the holidays cause it to be a little slow


We got the call, a buyer is coming in two nights

Fantastic news, we will turn on all the lights

Come on kids, pick up the toys and clean up your room

No you can’t just sweep them under the bed with the broom.


We spoke with the buyer’s Realtor, an offer is on its way

You can expect to hear back from us later today

We have your offer, but it came in a little low

No worries, it’s the season, it’s the way it can go


We’ll negotiate your price, there’s no need to stress

Leave it all to us, we’ll do what we do best.

I called up the agent right on the spot

I asked, do you think they’ll accept the price or not?


Back and forth we go a little more

We’re almost ready to settle the score

That’s it, we did it, the buyer’s agree

Our sellers are happy and filled with glee


“Oh my!” they exclaim; we need a new house in 30 days

We need to shop and pack fast to get through this phase

We’ve got the right buyer’s agent just for you

Her name is Liz and she knows the urgency you’re in too


“We’ve got seven properties to choose from”, Liz said

Tomorrow we’ll find one that’ll fit your king sized bed

We looked and looked until the night was nearly done

And there we find it. This is it. It is ‘the one’


For us, it is an honor to be your real estate team

It’s more than selling houses; it’s helping you achieve your dream

As we reflect back, our hearts are filled with joy and delight

Merry Christmas to all, to all and good night!


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The Unexpected Costs of Renting Your Home

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Renting your home can be tempting if you haven’t been able to sell it.  From a homeowner’s perspective, as long as rent covers your mortgage, taxes, and insurance, it’s got to be a viable option, right?


Before making any major decisions we want to share with you some of the costs associated with renting out your home that you may have not known or considered.


  1. Upgrades & Maintenance Costs

If you want to attract the best tenants to take the best care of your home, it has to also show the best.  To attract higher quality tenants, landlords will likely have to spend $1000 or more on minor upgrades such as paint, flooring etc. On top of that you will have ongoing maintenance costs that come up. Whether it’s fixing a leaky faucet, regular furnace & duct cleaning, gutter cleaning, or fixing the dishwasher, there are costs that will inevitably come up.


  1. Vacancy Costs

Just over a year ago, vacancy rates were at an all time low.  With the changing market, this is not the case anymore. More and more we’re seeing rental ads that state, “first month FREE” or “only $500 DD required” with a 1-year lease. With increased competition, landlords are offering incentives to avoid vacancy costs.  A single month can pass so quickly, and your PITI (principle, interest, tax and insurance) payments of $1500+ are now out of pocket or sitting on a line of credit.


  1. Tax Costs

Although it’s not disposable income, any principal that gets paid down on your mortgage is considered taxable income.  Depending on your interest rate and mortgage balance, this could equal an additional 6-10K of taxable income.  If you typically get money back at tax time, don’t be surprised if you now end up owing money.  For more information, be sure to speak with your accountant.


  1. Clean Up & Legal Costs

Our sincerest hope is that nobody gets caught with a poor tenant, however there is no guarantee you’ll avoid one.  “Professional tenants” know how to make it look like you just landed the best tenant ever, when they actually have a different plan in mind. Once they move in, they have no intention of paying rent, they purposely damage your home, and then leave a huge mess behind. If you’ve ever known anyone to experience this, it’s absolutely horrifying.  The costs associated with such a tenant can a minimum of $5,000 and well over $10,000.  On top of that you can endure legal fees trying to recoup damages, but if they don’t have anything to give, you have no hope of getting it back.


  1. Sale-able Condition Costs

It’s impossible to know if you’ll have a cooperative tenant once you’re ready to sell.  It is rare that a tenant will ensure your property is in the cleanest, most showable condition to sell.  Some will purposely work against you by leaving the property messy, as they don’t want to move.   You risk losing thousands of dollars because your home is in less than excellent condition.  Alternatively you could wait until your tenant moves out, get it all cleaned up and ready to sell, which again you’ll endure more upgrade costs, in addition to vacancy costs while it’s on the market.


We don’t know exactly how long it’ll take for our market to respond at an increasing rate again.  Although the value may not be what you hoped to get today, it may be as good as it gets for the next couple of years.  Knowing that, it’s likely a better option to accept a little less now, than rent it out and accept even less later, along with a lot more work.


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Can I Still Sell My Home In The Winter?

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Now that winter is officially here many sellers will be thinking they’re better off to wait it out until the spring.  Some sellers are misled to believe that properties don’t sell this late in the season, which is a common real estate myth.


The truth is that properties sell all year long. While there are differences between selling in the spring verses the winter, it can still be done.  Today we’re sharing with you what makes this season a great time to sell!


Less inventory.  With spring being the most desirable time to sell, it also brings higher inventory and more competition. The fall and winter months bring less inventory allowing you a larger window to stand out against your competition. Often inventory levels drop at this time of year as sellers take their home off the market for the holidays.  Sharp sellers see this as a perfect opportunity to capture a motivated buyer.  To be sure, it’s important to get ask your Realtor how much competition there is with homes similar to yours, as it can differ from one price point to the other.


Holidays bring out emotions.  What we appreciate most about selling now is that it’s a wonderful opportunity to show case your home decorated for the holidays. The holiday season brings joyful memories, and what better opportunity do you have to create an atmosphere where buyers can envision their future family celebrating in your home? Drawing out these emotions allows your home to feel more warm and inviting, especially in the colder, dreary weather.


Motivated buyers. It’s likely you’ll experience fewer showings overall during the winter, but the quality of your buyers will be higher. Why else would someone look at your property in the dark, cold evenings unless they were motivated to buy?


Potential relocations. Relocations are most commonly seen at the start of a new year and into the first quarter, making this a great time to sell. These aren’t buyers who are ‘window shopping’ to help them ‘get a feel for the market’. They’re serious buyers who need to find a home now.


Share summer photos.  You don’t need the spring season to show case your beautiful yard when you have a great opportunity to share some summer photos of your home even though it’s winter. Buyers will appreciate your extra effort to help them envision what what they currently cannot see. And you can be sure most sellers won’t take this extra step so it’s one more way you can stand out.


Don’t put off what you can do today. If you think you’re ready to sell your home, or just want to talk with a local realtor to see how your home compares to the current inventory, contact us today. You’re in the driver’s seat. The right time for you to sell is when you say you’re ready to move forward.



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Areas a Professional Home Inspection Examines – Part 2

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For many people, buying a home is the biggest investment they will ever make. A home inspection helps to ensure the home you choose will be a safe and sound property for you for years to come.


This month we’re talking about the various areas a home inspector examines. Last week we covered the exterior of the home. If you missed it, you can find it on our blog at This week we’re talking about the interior elements that get examined, and next week we’ll discuss what options you have if you’re not satisfied with your inspection.  Keep in mind that our list is limited, as we simply cannot include everything that an inspector’s detailed report would include.


ATTIC – Inspectors are looking for previous or current moisture, evidence of decay or damage, and that there is sufficient insulation and adequate ventilation.


INTERIOR ROOMS – Inspectors want to ensure there are no structurally significant cracks on walls and ceilings. They verify windows and doors are in good condition and function properly, electrical outlets test properly, and there is heating provided where required in each room.


KITCHEN – Inspectors check that the cabinets are in good condition and that the doors and drawers operate properly.  They test to ensure all appliances (laundry appliances as well) are working and often record the serial numbers.  They check the sink plumbing for leaks and adequate supply and waste water flow.   They examine outlets near the sink to ensure they are GFCI protected and in good working order.


BATHROOMS – Inspectors seek to ensure there is adequate water flow and pressure, there is good drainage, and areas that require caulking are sealed. They confirm the outlet near the sink is GFCI protected and in good working order and that the fan works properly.  If a tub or shower has a tile surround, then want to ensure the grout isn’t cracking and the tiles and wall behind them are secure.  The sinks, toilets, showers, and tubs are also inspected for damage and past or present leakage.


BASEMENT – If there were a place where moisture would be most evident it would be in the basement. Here inspectors perform moisture readings and look for visible mold, inspect the exposed foundation for cracked areas, flaking or efflorescence. They also confirm there is sufficient insulation in areas where visible.  Any visible structure is also examined for deficiencies.


ELECTRICAL – Inspectors want to see there are no safety issues inside the electrical panel. They verify the type of wiring the property has. They want to see all wiring in good condition, and that it is secure and protected.  They test all of the outlets to ensure they don’t present a fire or safety hazard.


HOT WATER TANK – Inspectors are looking for visible signs of corrosion and leakage. They confirm the location of the main shut off valves for water supply and gas while checking for gas odor and proper ventilation.  They also check the age of the hot water tank so you have a rough idea of how many years of life are remaining.


FURNACE & A/C – Inspectors want to see if there are any signs of improper or unsafe operation.  They’re checking for gas odor, that the air filters are clean, the ducts are in good condition and providing airflow where required.  They also check the age and condition of the unit(s) so you have a rough idea of how many years are remaining.


FIRE SAFETY & MISC – In addition to confirming safety with electrical, inspectors ensure the dryer-exhaust system is properly vented to avoid risk of fire or excess moisture in the home. If the property has a garage, they ensure the common wall and door to the home has the proper fire rating.  They also verify the presence of the property’s smoke and carbon monoxide detectors, and handrails.


THERMAL IMAGINGOne of the newest tools available, and one that every inspector should be using on your inspection is a Thermal Imaging Camera.  This tool helps the inspector find defects undetectable by the naked eye.  When used by a properly trained inspector, it can help them discover building and plumbing leaks, electrical issues, heating and cooling system problems, and insulation deficiencies.


As we mentioned last week, if you don’t already have a property inspector for your future purchase, our highest recommendation is Craig Wagner with Platinum Home Inspections. We’ve worked with Craig for years.  He’s a thorough, professional, honest businessman who’ll have the protection of your investment and peace of mind as his highest priority. You can contact Craig at 780-940-0287 or at


Jason Rustand with RE/MAX Real Estate serves with the highest level of integrity and excellence every time. For more info on this topic or others related to real estate, LIKE our Jason Rustand Team Facebook page, call us direct at 780-980-2828, email or visit





E4089078 : Just Listed

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Brand new & sparkling, this 1464 sq ft, 3 bed, 2.5 bath, 2 storey, Homes by Santos, half duplex in the lovely neighborhood of Meadowview is move in ready! Upon entry you will be impressed with the quality of construction & attention to detail. The colour of the walls, laminate/tile flooring & shaker style kitchen cabinets are sure to delight! The open concept main floor is perfect for entertaining or spending time together as a family. 2 large windows across the back of the home let you enjoy natural light & a great view of the yard & greenspace. Off the dining area is a door to the 12×10 pressure treated deck, the perfect place for summer grilling! Upstairs there are 3 bedrooms & a 4 pc bath. The master includes a generous sized walk in closet & a 4 pc bath with double sinks with plenty of under sink storage. The basement has a roughed in bathroom & is ready for your unique design needs! An attached 18×24 garage is the ideal place for your vehicles in the cold winter months, or your toys and tools! View Listing Details …

Areas a Professional Home Inspection Examines

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In any industry we see a variety of experience, ability and thoroughness, and when it comes to home inspectors you can expect the same. A good inspector will examine certain components of the home you’re seeking to purchase and produce a report including photos and sometimes even video. They’ll also provide a good explanation of their findings so that you understand what areas need immediate attention, what the future maintenance items are, most importantly if there are any areas in which the cost or concern may be too high to continue moving forward with the purchase.  A home inspector does not “pass” or “fail” a property, but steers you in the right direction to make that decision for yourself, as everyone has different expectations and comfort levels.
Inspections usually last for 2.5-3.5 hours for a typical residential property and are approximately $450-550. For rural properties, it can take upwards of 4 hours and cost $600+. Rather than allowing the cost to deter you, consider it a small investment for the protection and safety for your family and your future.  When possible, it’s best for you to attend the inspection, or at least the final 30 minutes so that you can get a face-to-face explanation of the inspector’s findings and ask any necessary questions.


Over the next couple of weeks we’ll share with you typical areas home inspectors cover to give you an idea of what to expect. For today we’re focusing on the exterior of the property. Keep in mind that our list is limited, as we simply cannot include everything that an inspector’s detailed report would include.


GROUNDS – Inspectors look for proper grading and downspout drainage away from the house. This includes ensuring walkways, patios and driveways are sloped away from the property. They ensure trees are a good distance from the house, noting any that are hanging over the roof, causing extra wear and tear. It includes exterior structures such as fences and decks. Here they look for damaged or rotting wood and report on any structural deficiencies that could make the deck unsafe. They also ensure railings on decks or stairs are adequately constructed and secure. Inspectors also check garages for rotting wood, foundation cracks, insulation, shingles, windows, electrical etc.


STRUCTURE – Inspectors ensure the sides of the home are straight, and not bowed or sagging. They ensure windows and door frames appear square.  They also ensure the roof ridge and fascia boards appear straight and level. They check the foundation for any visible cracks and verify it’s also straight and in good condition.


EXTERIOR – Inspectors confirm there is adequate clearance between the ground and siding. They examine the siding for damage or missing sections that would allow moisture penetration. If the property has stucco they confirm there are no large cracks. They check exterior paint or stain for flaking and blisters.


WINDOWS, DOORS & TRIM – Here, inspectors are looking to see if all wood frames and trim are secure with no cracks, rotting or decaying.  They want to ensure all areas around frames are properly caulked or flashed to avoid water or insect intrusion. They’re also looking for broken glass, damaged or missing screens, condensation inside sealed units, or missing panes.


ROOF – Inspectors cover many areas of the roof, starting with the shingles. Here they’re looking for curling, damaged, missing and improperly installed shingles. They confirm there is properly installed flashing around roof penetrations and verify there’s no decay or stains around the soffits and fascia. They check for adequate attic ventilation. They verify the gutters are attached securely to the home, with no sagging or missing sections, the joints are sealed and they’re clean and sloping correctly to ensure proper water flow.  They also ensure that chimneys have proper flashing, no evidence of damaged bricks, cracked or missing mortar and that the crown and flue are in good condition.


Next week we’ll discuss more about the interior aspects of a property an inspector examines.  If you don’t already have a property inspector for your future purchase, our highest recommendation is Craig Wagner with Platinum Home Inspections. We’ve worked with Craig for years.  He’s a thorough, professional, honest businessman who’ll have the protection of your investment and peace of mind as his highest priority. You can contact Craig at 780-940-0287 or at



Jason Rustand with RE/MAX Real Estate serves with the highest level of integrity and excellence every time.  For more info on this topic or others follow  and Instagram, call Jason direct at 780.919.0004, email or visit



E4085750 : Just Sold

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Warm & inviting, this gorgeous 1791sq ft, 3 bed/2.5 bath, 2 storey, on a cul-de-sac, in highly sought after Southfork is calling you home! Huge pie shaped lot, fully fenced with a great sized deck (w/LED lighting) is perfect for summer BBQ’s, a playhouse for the kids or room to run for your fur babies! Not to mention close to a brand new school! Inside you will feel cozy from the spacious front entrance to the open concept kitchen, dining room, living room. Perfect for entertaining with B/I speakers & oodles of natural light from lots of windows. The kitchen has tons of cupboards & counter space, including a built in desk area. Finishing the main floor is a half bath and laundry room. Upstairs there is a lovely bonus room where you can relax and watch movies or read a book! The large master suite has a gorgeous 4 pc bath with soaker tub & stand up glass shower; a lovely private retreat space! Two more bedrooms & 3 pc bath complete the upper floor. The basement is ready for your unique needs & design! View Listing Details …

Is Buying a Rental Property the Right Choice for You? Part 2

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Last week we started our 2-part article to help you discover if buying a rental property is the right choice for you. If this has been on your mind for some time, it’s likely because you want to establish a secure financial future for yourself. This is a very worthy goal and of course real estate can be a viable long term investment option.


Like any new venture it’s important to consider potential gains and losses. We’ve known a number of people who bought a rental property or many, with the notion that it would be fast, easy money. If you found yourself in a market like Vancouver and Toronto recently experienced, then sure you would’ve made a fast dollar. This is not the case for most markets though.


Last week talked about key starting points like having a down payment and an emergency fund saved, being able to perform repairs (or having someone else readily available to help). We discussed the value of having strong intuition with people so you know if or when a potential tenant is trying to take advantage of you. We also talked about what it means to be a good landlord by respecting your tenant and caring for the property.


We want to go a little deeper today offering you tips on how to find the right tenant for your property. We know landlords who’ve been too quick to secure a tenant, just to have them perform a midnight move (literally disappearing overnight) or move in with no intention of paying a dime. These are nightmare situations you want to avoid at all costs. Even if it means allowing your property to sit vacant for a month or two, you will be better off than filling it with the wrong tenant who causes personal havoc and possible property damage.

Here are a few tips to help.


  1. Know their motivation. A high motivated tenant does not equal a high quality one. In fact, the opposite may be true. If a tenant needs to move in tomorrow, it may be due to an eviction notice. If they’re being pushy to sign a rental agreement that day, this is major red flag. We do not sign agreements until all of our background checks are complete, even at the risk of them going elsewhere. Novice landlords may get excited over what appears to be a blessing, however be forewarned, the very opposite may be true.
  2. Ask about their current landlord. If you want to know what the prospective tenant has to say about their landlord, just ask. If they grumble and complain, if they are victimized about all the wrong things their landlord did or didn’t do, this could be another red flag. Sometimes the argument is valid. Often when you ask enough questions you can discern if the tenant is telling the truth or not.
  3. Do your reference checks. You want employment checks, current landlord(s) and past landlord checks completed. But, don’t be so naïve to believe they’ve given you the right contact info. For all you know they just gave you their brother’s contact who will tell you the most incredible things you want to hear. Ask lots of questions, repeat questions in a different way to ensure the same answer is provided.
  4. Check out Social Media pages. If you want a solid judge of character look up your prospective tenant on Social Media. If possible, scroll through photos and comments from the past 20 posts or so. This will give you a clearer indication of who they are on a day to day basis verses how well they may be trying to impress you.
  5. Get a credit check. Asking for a credit check will confirm how well bills have been paid in the past. Often tenants have lower credit than homeowners but don’t let that alarm you. If they could own a home already, chances are many would. If there is one bill to be paid, it typically is rent, which unfortunately you cannot track unless former landlords share payment history with you. What you want to see is that if payments were delayed, how many days and how often. If it was a few here or there, it likely isn’t a big deal. If they lost a job and it was many in a row, however they’ve caught up since then give them grace. Their situation was likely out of their control. If missed payments are a repeat pattern for 2 years or more, then it may be reason for concern.

Again intuition and using your best discretion is of utmost importance. A credit cheque can be obtained from and will cost the tenant $25. You could deduct this fee from their first month’s rent. If the prospective tenant disappears, this is a good sign they weren’t going to be a good fit for you anyway.


If this is your first time looking at a rental property, it can be overwhelming with such a quick learning curve. We’d be happy to help in any way we can. If you’d like more information about buying an investment property, give us a call! We’re happy to answer any questions you have.  And if you’re considering selling your home, it’d be our pleasure to meet with you, get an understanding of your goals and see how we can help. If you’ve enjoyed our articles, check out our blog at


Jason Rustand with RE/MAX Real Estate serves with the highest level of integrity and excellence every time.  For more info on this topic or others follow Jason Rustand Team on Facebook and Instagram, call Jason direct at 780.919.0004, email or visit




E4086838 : Just Sold

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This 767 sq ft, 3 bed/2 bath bi-level in Devon is the perfect place to start for first time buyers! With a huge landscaped lot, a plethora of perennials, new 2 tiered deck, fire pit, fenced yard, and large garden area, this is the outdoor living space you’ve always dreamed of! Not to mention close proximity to the river valley! Many upgrades inside include newer paint, windows, kitchen cabinets and lovely flooring in the basement. The main living area is wide open and feels fresh and welcoming with oodles of natural light. There are two good sized bedrooms on the main floor along with a beautifully tiled 4 pc bath. In the bright basement, there is a third bedroom, a great family room/kids play area, a second 3pc bathroom, as well as some great storage space. The driveway is roomy with plenty of space for your boat, rv or extra vehicles. Great price, great location, great home! View Listing Details …

E4087408 : Just Sold

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This 1774sq ft, 3 bedroom, 2.5 bath 2 storey in Windrose has a great lot and is a rare gem! Immaculately maintained home with open concept main floor is perfect for your growing family. Immediate possession means a lovely Christmas, with the tree beside the beautiful gas fireplace. Large kitchen with island is perfect for cooking and meals together as a family. Beautiful double doors lead out to the expansive back deck, with enough room for entertaining! Main floor laundry room is a delight and there is a brand new hot water tank! On the second floor is a huge bonus room with large window, ideal for a theater space or family room! There are three generously sized bedrooms, with the main boasting a 4 pc ensuite, complete with corner soaker tub and walk in closet! The attached double garage has plenty of space to store all of your toys/hobbies, and includes a newer garage door and motor. This home has the right price, right size, right location! View Listing Details …